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Ann Bennett an award-winning art director, and expert in graphic design, marketing and branding. She spent over 25 years making some of the world’s most prestigious magazines what they are today. These are magazines many of you read regularly and you may have even seen her marketing genius at work. Here are just a few of them: Us Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Los Angeles Magazine and the icon of them all, Vogue Magazine – where she discovered that the devil really does wear Prada!

She is also an author, radio host, professional speaker and the founder of her 7 Step Irresistible Marketing and Mindset System. In her business she uses her marketing and branding genius to help women entrepreneurs make significant six-figure incomes. …She’s also been known to make a few male clients extraordinarily successful too!

She is the proud co-founder of an organization called, Living Beyond Belief.org, a unique charity saving the lives of teenagers who have been affected by the AIDS virus.

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