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Are You A Great Coach?

Most of us would respond to that question by saying “Well, I am a really good coach”. Why is it that we are reluctant to embrace the idea that we are great? What is it that we think that we are lacking in order to be great? Listen in as we explore your greatness and show you how to use it to attract clients and feel more satisfied with what you are already doing in your coaching.

The Coaching Alliance and Review Points

The issue of the coaching alliance is simple with one client but what happens when the client who pays is not the client who is coached? Who is the real client and how do you treat them differently? 

Recorded live on October 9, 2014 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on OCTalkRadio.net

Resources: "Kindom Man" by Tony Evans and Lisa Bloom, Story Coach at http://www.story-coach.com

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