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Listen as Doug shares his seven tips on how to have an effective conversation. Learn how to resolve conflicts, conflicting objectives and how to deal with strong emotions.

“Critical Conversations” and “Crucial Confrontations” by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler.

Recorded live on March 16, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoachingPerspective.com conversation.jpg


Listen as Doug Gfeller interviews Diane Halfman about how to create your SpaLife™ workday. Learn how to create more opportunity, more energy and more freedom in your workday, and finally get that massive “to-do” list under control. Diane will share her best time saving tools, tips and tricks that have helped her clients drastically increase their productivity and performance.
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  Find out how to create an environment that supports and inspires you.
  Take control of your workday from the time you wake up to when you go to sleep.
   More information on Diane's site
Recorded live on March 2, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoachingPerspective.com



What comes to your mind when you hear the term Networking? Is it a sense of dread or is it your favorite thing to do? Do you do it because you like it or does your job require it? Most people think of Networking as an activity with the goal of what can I get out of this event or person. They forget that the real purpose of networking is to build a relationship that offers a mutual opportunity for both parties to prosper. Listen in to learn the do’s and don’ts of how to become a master networker.

Recorded live on February 23, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoacPerspective.com



Is your website and your social media efforts representing you and your business well? The online world it’s not just about the sale, the special, the coupon or the event that you are hosting. It’s more than that. It’s about building connection points, or entrée points with you — for your potential audience. Dan Weil, Co-Active Coach and graphic designer, will demonstrate how weaving in professional coaching can strengthen and deepen connection with your brand, starting with clarity around your company’s mission, your promise, your tone of voice, your language and all the touch points that your potential clients or customers have with you and your business. Do this successfully and you’ll begin to feel and increase your traction on the digital highway.

Recorded live on February 9 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. 





Shellee Howard is the owner and president of College Ready and a Certified Educational Planner. Shellee has traveled around the world helping students plan for their "perfect match" college. She knows what it takes to compete in the Ivy schools as well as finding the best fit for a B student. Shellee believes that no two students are the same. Each student has a gift/talent and a passion that will set him or her apart from their competition. College Ready has clients all over the world and each one is important. hellee has a son who graduating from Harvard in 2016 debt free and a daughter attending the University of Alabama.

Recorded live on February 2, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. 





It doesn’t matter if you call them goals, resolutions, business plans or strategic plans, they all refer to the same thing which is; we want to accomplish something new or change something we are currently doing. You could be talking about getting more exercise, losing weight, fixing relationships, starting a new business, or changing how you currently do business. It doesn’t matter, our success in achieving these goals all depends on the same three things. So let me share with you the steps that I take my clients through. They involve Prioritizing, Visualizing and Accountability, PVA.

Recorded live on January 12, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.Dgfeller.podbean.com



I want you as a guest this year! Listen to this brief podcast to find out how to be a guest on the radio show and to hear the theme’s for the first quarter shows for 2017 so that you don’t miss out on key topics that will help you to grow your business.

January’s theme is “Goals, Resolutions, and Plans” and for February/March we will be focusing on “Career and Life Changes.” If you feel you can add to these discussions email me at doug@TheCoachingPerspective.com to schedule your appearance.

Recorded live on January 5, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.Dgfeller.podbean.com


No this is not going to be about politics! It is all about taking a deep dive into how you have done in 2016 before you launch into your planning for 2017. We are going to learn all about the Three C’s of good planning; Continue, Cease, and Commit. Listen in as Doug Gfeller, MCC shares with you the steps he goes through with his clients to wrap up the old year and start to plan the new year. 

Recorded live on December 15, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on OCTalkRadio.net



In this live interview Leisa Reid, founder of Employee Management Consulting, discusses the 3 mistakes managers make when hiring which are 1) Not being clear on your expectations, 2) Deciding which expectations to share, and 3) Communicating your expectations to the new employee. Listen in as Leisa goes into depth on why and how to correct these issues. If you are a newly hired employee to schedule a free session go to www.employeemanagementconsulting.com/freecall

“Manage To Success” by Leisa Reid on Amazon

Recorded live on December 10, 2016 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show (www.thecoachingperspective.com)



"Increasing Board Effectiveness Through Emotions" with Dr. Lola Gershfeld, CEO and Founder of Level Five Executive, Inc. Dr. Lola is a Board Dynamics Specialist who has developed a process to improve board performance by tuning into emotional connection. She uses theories of attachment, research on adult bonding, and neuroscience to crack the code of board effectiveness. Listen in to learn how you can increase board effectiveness and stop dysfunction before it affects your company’s bottom line. What I enjoyed about this interview with Dr. Lola were the real life stories of her Board experiences and the lessons they provided. These are the key tips that I heard in this interview:
Identify the Board’s Current Interactional Cycle
Restructure the Board Interaction - Developing Board Cohesion
Consolidate and Integrate New Responses

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on November 17, 2016 on OCTalkRadio.net

To contact Dr. Lola Gershfeld - www.levelfiveexecutive.com
“Effective Board Dynamics” by Dr. Lola Gershfeld (available on Amazon)



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