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Listen to this fast paced interview with Pat Fuscoe as he shares how he has retained the company’s start-up culture with a firm of over 200 people. From All Hands Meeting to Core Values and Vision to becoming an ESOP, he has fostered a spirit of teamwork and creativity that would surprise you in any firm, much less an engineering firm. His commitment to technology and constant learning has put them at the cutting edge in the use of drones, virtual reality and Watson for providing his clients with answers to questions they didn’t even know to ask. This firm may be blurring the lines of what an Engineering company does but they are laser focused on providing customer service.

Pat’s Take-A-Ways:
1. It is better to be small and great than big and crappy!
2. Growth is about getting stronger, not bigger.
3. Celebrate what you can do rather than mourn what you can’t do.

Fuscoe Engineering, Inc


Listen to the podcast at TheCoachingPerspective.com

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See Jane Go is a women-driving-women ride-hail service that offers a secure alternative to existing ride-hail services (Uber & Lyft). The company is placing women in the driver seat of the ride-hail industry by providing a same-sex atmosphere and eliminating the barriers of fear and safety in working for or using a ride-hail service. See Jane Go was conceived by Savannah Jordan and her father during a "protective-father moment". Savannah wanted the option to use or drive for a ride hail company but both she and her father were very uncomfortable with it. During that conversation Savannah made a passing comment about a women driving women ride hail option and the idea of See Jane Go was born.

Free offer: Go to seejanego.co; download the app; use referral code OCTALK by 7/31/17 and you will get a $7.00 gift card for your first ride.

Recorded live on June 29, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show.

Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoachingPerspective.com


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Priscilla talks about how by embracing and embodying your natural strengths and leadership style to lead at the soul-level you can create a more successful business and have a global impact on others. She also shares her assessment tool “Leading From Your Soul Archetype.” Listen to this lively discussion on another perspective on coaching for Leadership, which she defines as Contribution.

To find out more about Priscilla or to take her assessment just go to:

Recorded live on May 11, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoachingPerspective.com


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Just back from Poland and the ICF’s Global Leaders Forum, Nathalie shares with us what it was like to spend four days with 186 leaders from 68 countries representing 127 ICF chapters and 30,000 world wide members. With her background in marketing and branding, she had a unique perspective as to what it means to be an ICF coach and the responsibilities that we have to live up to their coaching standards.

Resources: www.salt-coaching.com

Recorded live on May 4, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show.

Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoachingPerspective.com


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I want you as a guest this year! Listen to this brief podcast to find out how to be a guest on the radio show and to hear the theme’s for the first quarter shows for 2017 so that you don’t miss out on key topics that will help you to grow your business.

January’s theme is “Goals, Resolutions, and Plans” and for February/March we will be focusing on “Career and Life Changes.” If you feel you can add to these discussions email me at doug@TheCoachingPerspective.com to schedule your appearance.

Recorded live on January 5, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. Listen to the podcast at www.Dgfeller.podbean.com

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In this live interview Leisa Reid, founder of Employee Management Consulting, discusses the 3 mistakes managers make when hiring which are 1) Not being clear on your expectations, 2) Deciding which expectations to share, and 3) Communicating your expectations to the new employee. Listen in as Leisa goes into depth on why and how to correct these issues. If you are a newly hired employee to schedule a free session go to www.employeemanagementconsulting.com/freecall

“Manage To Success” by Leisa Reid on Amazon

Recorded live on December 10, 2016 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show (www.thecoachingperspective.com)


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"Increasing Board Effectiveness Through Emotions" with Dr. Lola Gershfeld, CEO and Founder of Level Five Executive, Inc. Dr. Lola is a Board Dynamics Specialist who has developed a process to improve board performance by tuning into emotional connection. She uses theories of attachment, research on adult bonding, and neuroscience to crack the code of board effectiveness. Listen in to learn how you can increase board effectiveness and stop dysfunction before it affects your company’s bottom line. What I enjoyed about this interview with Dr. Lola were the real life stories of her Board experiences and the lessons they provided. These are the key tips that I heard in this interview:
Identify the Board’s Current Interactional Cycle
Restructure the Board Interaction - Developing Board Cohesion
Consolidate and Integrate New Responses

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on November 17, 2016 on OCTalkRadio.net

To contact Dr. Lola Gershfeld - www.levelfiveexecutive.com
“Effective Board Dynamics” by Dr. Lola Gershfeld (available on Amazon)


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Who really loves meetings? No one! In this episode Doug Gfeller, MCC shares his experiences in how to get more out of meetings. Like so many of us Doug has spent thousands of hours in meetings as a professional facilitator, participant and observer, some good and some wasted. Everyone feels that they have too many meetings, but the real issue is not the number of meetings but are they a good use of your time. Listen in for tips on how to screen out which meetings to attend, how to stay focused during long meetings, and what needs to be done before and after the actual meeting.

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on September 1, 2016

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David Lund helps his hospitality clients achieve a new commitment to their team’s personal and financial responsibility in the hotel. He helps with open communication to uncover what everyone on the team really wants out of their career and personal lives. During his personal coaching, David uncovers problems which may arise with teams such as overwhelm, lack of involvement, intensity, anger and/or resentment. He quickly offers solutions to re-connect them with who they are at their core. His commitment is to serve those teams and quickly make resolutions for improved team connections. Although his focus is on Hotels, his work with teams can be used in any business. 

This was a great interview that provided a perspective on financial leadership for both financial and operations managers. The examples David shared apply equally to any business, not just hotels.

For a free book "The Seven Secrets to Growing Hotel profits" go to www.hotelfinancialcoach.com

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on August 18, 2016 on OCTalkRadio.net


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"Human Trafficking: Its Everybody’s Business" with Brenda Wells. Founder and Director of i-5 Freedom Network, --A Corporate Response to End Human Trafficking. Americans are the best at finding where the dollars are and we do so especially well with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is this condition that has allowed human trafficking, both labor and sexual exploitation, to take hold in the US. And when we talk about human trafficking now, we are talking about US girls and boys, women and men, being exploited and trafficked by US men and women. California is consistently the state with the highest reported cases of human trafficking; OC is a top sex tourism destination in the country. Gangs are switching their commodities from drugs to humans. Employment agencies are luring the unsuspecting into jobs with no pay and abusive conditions. How can your business help put an end their business? Tune in and find out…

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")

1 (888) 373-3788

Website: traffickingresourcecenter.org

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on August 4, 2016 on OCTalkRadio.net


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