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Consolidation or “right sizing” of real estate is one of the most challenging strategies a corporate real estate manager has to address. But what can be done so that this work place transformation is less disruptive to employers, employees, tenants, and investors? One approach is the development of a one-size-fits all planning concept. This provides for total flexibility allowing teams to easily regroup or move around the facility as needed. For this concept to be successful, activity based work settings need to be included as part of the overall design solution. Whether as a reflection of corporate culture, evolving demographics, new technologies or imaginative design trends, office space keeps evolving. Ray's exceptional range of experience in commercial interiors, both as a client and service provider, gives him special insight into the evolving requirements of the contemporary workplace. Listen as Ray Irmer shares the challenges of "Work Place Transformations."


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Tina has spent her career as a team builder, facilitator, and customer satisfaction subject matter expert. She helps others to build better relationships in their personal and business life. “If your business results are a direct result of what your employees deliver and they are not getting the job done, I can help you” says Tina. She starts with the DISC personal profile, so managers and employees can understand how their difference lead to the dynamics we face every day. When you understand yourself, you can begin to understand people around you and their difference. These difference cause conflict, but that is where the managing of these different personalities really pays off for the manager as well as the teams they manage.


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Sometimes good people who fill Executive level roles exhibit off putting and downright mean behavior.  Listen to this interview to find out why do some people in high level positions act so “un-human” and out of touch when it comes to the feelings of others?  What causes this? What does a company need to do to the help this executive understand the big picture repercussions of their aggressive or mean behavior? Find out the answers to all these questions and more.

Power Connections Inc.
“How Smart People Sabotage Their Job Search” by Susan Howington
“What You Don’t Know About Listening” by Jon F. White and Alexandra Taketa


Recorded live on October 12, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show


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If I had to put a label on what Camber does I would say he is a Life Coach but that really doesn’t tell the whole story. Camber says that he was born to do what he does. He didn’t take a class and learn how to be a business owner or become a successful executive or life coach, he invented it. He tell us that he has a Ph’d in results which is why he has private clients who have been with him for up to 28 years. Listen as he shares why young men are turning to life coaches and why the new leadership tool is vulnerability.

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