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Dave Huxtable has recently moved to Southern California after a career in Cultural Relations working in eleven countries on four continents and picking up ten languages on the way. In this interview we will talk about Dave’s coaching practice and discuss how an understanding of the differences and similarities between people leads to success in our globalized world.


Recorded live on July 13, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show.

Listen to the podcast at TheCoachingPerspective.com


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See Jane Go is a women-driving-women ride-hail service that offers a secure alternative to existing ride-hail services (Uber & Lyft). The company is placing women in the driver seat of the ride-hail industry by providing a same-sex atmosphere and eliminating the barriers of fear and safety in working for or using a ride-hail service. See Jane Go was conceived by Savannah Jordan and her father during a "protective-father moment". Savannah wanted the option to use or drive for a ride hail company but both she and her father were very uncomfortable with it. During that conversation Savannah made a passing comment about a women driving women ride hail option and the idea of See Jane Go was born.

Free offer: Go to seejanego.co; download the app; use referral code OCTALK by 7/31/17 and you will get a $7.00 gift card for your first ride.

Recorded live on June 29, 2017 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show.

Listen to the podcast at www.TheCoachingPerspective.com


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