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“Build Your Audience and Boost Your Sales Using Facebook Live ” with Molly Mahoney, the Camera Confidence Coach. By 2018 over 80% of online content will be video. Camera Confidence Coach, Molly Mahoney, suggests you develop the skill sets needed to use video effectively in your business now so that you can build your audience and boost your sales. She will share tips that will boost your confidence, fine tune your speaking skills, and allow you to repurpose your live video content powerfully. All of the world really is a stage, and it's time to take your show on the road!



Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on October 13,  2016 on OCTalkRadio.net


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Quality Assurance makes sure that you are doing the right things, the right way. It does this by creating systems, procedures and standards for doing processes. This discussion will look at some of the simple ways to take routine, repetitive tasks and create time saving systems that will also insure a standard level of quality output. Using these methods you can consistently produce high levels of service in less time, with less effort, and less stress.

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on October 6,  2016 on OCTalkRadio.net

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