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“Do You Have The Capacity To Do More” with Author, Speaker & Coach, Joan Friedlander on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show. The quote on the front page of her web site says “Respect your limitations, Liberate your brilliance!” and that is what this interview explores. We all have limited capacities, some physical, some mental and some just plain old energy. Are you using these in the best possible way or are you just keeping busy as if their was no limit? Listen to find out how to recognize your Capacity and mange it wisely.

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Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on September 22,  2016 on OCTalkRadio.net


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“How I Earned $50K in 5 Months by Live Streaming” with Author, Speaker & International Business Coach, Vicki Fitch. Vicki is a serial entrepreneur that started her first business at age12. She live streams twice a day on Periscope & FB Live. She continues to challenge innovation in the live streaming world. She has 2 original podcasts He Said, Red Said “A little bit of business and a whole lotta fun” and Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective with multiple on-screen guests that air on Monday & Wednesday nights. They are the FIRST FULLY PRODUCED podcast/interview shows on FACEBOOK LIVE. 

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on September 15, 2016 on OCTalkRadio.net



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Who really loves meetings? No one! In this episode Doug Gfeller, MCC shares his experiences in how to get more out of meetings. Like so many of us Doug has spent thousands of hours in meetings as a professional facilitator, participant and observer, some good and some wasted. Everyone feels that they have too many meetings, but the real issue is not the number of meetings but are they a good use of your time. Listen in for tips on how to screen out which meetings to attend, how to stay focused during long meetings, and what needs to be done before and after the actual meeting.

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on September 1, 2016

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