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Why is it that when people ask “What is Coaching?” the response always starts with a description of what coaching is not. You know; it’s not consulting, it’s not mentoring, it’s not training and it’s not therapy.  Or even worse the response is a detailed list of what coaching does not do. I can’t think of another situation where we fall into this trap. For instance, if I ask you what kind of car you are driving; you don’t tell me it’s not a Ford or a Chevy. No, you tell me what it is and if I have never heard of that brand and want more information then you proceed to give me more details on what it is. 

Our objective here today is to create a definition of what coaching is, define how it works and identify what it produces. If we can’t even describe what it is in a compelling way, then why would anyone want to buy it? The Five Ws and one H, are questions whose answers are considered basic in information-gathering. They constitute a formula for getting the complete story on a subject. We will look at the response to each one of these questions as they relate to coaching in an attempt to build a better definition of coaching. A definition or story that will make people want to use coaching services now!

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Listen as Dan Charobee, MBA, Business Coach, Public Speaker, Business Developer, Publisher, and Nonprofit Organizer talks to us about “Supervising Greatness – Sharing The Vision Throughout The Organization”. Dan coaches rapid developing organizations with management that wants to succeed at impressive levels. He is an AdviCoach, who coach’s the owners of privately held and family-owned businesses. He has been a coach at the Executive Coaches of Orange County, co-founded a publishing company in 1999 that today publishes magazines for military personnel and their families with a worldwide circulation over 2 million, and is an active member of the nonprofit community. Dan was active in the development and opening of a city's first Family Resource Center and was the originator and co-founder of Toastmasters On the Air, a public access cable TV program. He has an M.B.A. in Technology Management and a B.S. in Law Enforcement and Corrections

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Listen as Mila Diamond, business coach and corporate trainer, shares some new strategies that successful companies are introducing to reinvent their workplace culture to boost performance and profitability. Is your business maximizing its potential or are you leaving money on the table? Leading businesses across the US and Europe are pioneering this surprising approach to increase their productivity and innovation. Mila's program, Diamond Mind Training, uses Focused Meditation to tap into your internal energy sources that you are not using but already have available.  She will also explore the benefits of Mindfulness and Social and Emotional Intelligence using Focused Meditation.

This interview was recorded live on October 8th on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on OcTalkRadio.net

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Everyone has one, but nobody really knows how to use it--your LinkedIn profile could be the hidden goldmine that you’ve been ignoring. In this interview Li Lin teach's you how you can get more clients through Linkedin.com. Do you want to get hired on LinkedIn by your ideal clients? Do you know how to use LinkedIn to build your list and reach more prospects? Do you know how to reach tens of thousands of people by using LinkedIn groups? You're in the right place to get the answers to these questions.

Key concepts that Li Lin covered in this show:

  1. Your professional photo
  2. Your job description and problems you solve for clients
  3. How you can be contacted
  4. Posts and Pulse
  5. Using groups to expand your network

This interview was recorded live on October 1, 2015 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on www.OCTalkRadio.net. 

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