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Listen as Mike shares how to work with your clients to develop their HVSE (High-value Self-esteem) based on self-efficacy development and self-concept clarity (SCC) as opposed to self-esteem in the usual sense of what a person perceives others to think about them. His coaching interests are in helping others identify their true selves, strengths, needs, and motivations, and combining those to make goals clear and goal-directed behavior rewarding and motivating in itself. Mike is currently leveraging the power of the Internet to satisfy this interest with MicroMentor, a non-profit all-volunteer consulting platform that pairs experts with those in need of support. Mike is a military veteran with an MBA and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and writing his first non-fiction book on the detriments of our society’s focus on simply meeting performance goals in lieu of truly mastering whatever we undertake. Mike will explain why he believes so strongly in strength based coaching and having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.


Recorded live on OCTalkRadio.net on September 17, 2015

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Listen as David explains why you MUST constantly adapt your business for sustained growth. With one foot in the high tech world, one foot in the motorcycle world and his heart in coaching you are going to get a unique perspective. 
Did you know that only 12% of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 were still on the list 60 years later in 2015? That 88% have shuttered, been surpassed or acquired.
 If you think your company is exempt, think “Blockbuster Video” or “AOL.”
 What is Uber doing to the Taxicab industry? Tesla to Automotive? 
How can you keep your business ahead of the curve? 
David shares his thoughts and experiences on these questions that relate to all businesses of any size and any industry in today’s highly competitive markets. Take-A-Ways from this broadcast:

1.     David’s tips on using LinkedIn

2.     Goal for coaching is to create life balance between Spiritual, Business, Personal and Health.

3.     Advantages of buying a coaching franchise are acquiring existing systems for running a business and coaching, and having a network of coaches.

Recorded live on September 10, 2015 on OCTalkRadio.net 

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