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“Invent Your Future- Starting With Your Calling” with Paul David Walker, coach and author. He will help you understand how to build an authentic brand that is an extension of your natural genius, both inside and outside your organization. Paul David Walker is one of the early innovators of leadership consulting and coaching at the executive level. For more than thirty years he has successfully guided the CEOs and senior executive teams of Fortune 500 and midsized companies. He is also the author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams, and Corporations. Take-A-Ways from this discussion:

  1. You cannot create something you cannot conceive.
  2. Your calling is not what you do but how you do it.
  3. Paul's guiding principals - I am compassionate and Kind; I have great insight or pattern recognition; and  I inspire others to exceed their expectations.
Recorded live on August 27, 2015 on OCTalkRadio.net

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 Listen in as we share the 5 key steps that will help you develop a program for growth that utilizes your unique talents and experiences and will help you overcome the fear of selling. Join Doug as he talks with Paul Roberts of OCTalkRadio about the challenges he faced in starting a new business and the constant need to adapt to changing markets and customers. Take-A-Ways from this conversation include:

  1. Identify what level of business you want to have
  2. Create your unique business development program using the 5 steps
  3. Continue your business development efforts even when you don’t need more work
  4. In real estate the motto is Location, Location Location meaning that nothing trumps a good location. In business development the motto is Adapt Adapt Adapt meaning just because it is working today doesn’t mean it will work in the future. Keep looking for new ways to find clients, new kinds of clients and new offerings of products or services.

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Technology is wonderful when it works, but when it doesn't you have to wonder if we are really moving forward. If you are looking for last week's radio show, you are a week early. Due to technical difficulties the show was canceled at the last minute. However we will record it live on OCTalkRadio.net Thursday 8/20 at 4 pm and post the podcast here the next day. Spoiler Alert! It is work waiting for. 

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“You Talk, But Are You Communicating?” In both business and our personal lives, the ability to communicate effectively is the key to success. We will look at how to be effective as both a listener and a speaker. We will also explore how group communication is different from individual communication and how to listen better. Listen to get tips for coaches on using the DISC with your clients. 

Recorded live on August 6, 2013 on OCTalkRadio.net for the Coaching Perspective Radio show with Doug Gfeller, Master Certified Coach.

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