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Join us as we look at the coaching process from two different viewpoints; that of the client and that of the coach. We will start with the coaching objectives, move on to the selection of the right coach and finish up with the coaching agreement. This is part one of a series that will highlight how the client looks at the coaching process and how this differs from the coach’s perspective. 

Recorded live on 6/18 on OCTalkRadio.net for the Coaching Perspective Radio show with Doug Gfeller, Master Certified Coach.

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This show will surprise you with the amount of intelligence YOU possess that you may not have been integrating into your coaching and will help you forge longer-lasting and more fruitful client relationships. Your body gives you a constant stream of information, whether you work by phone or face-to-face. But are you listening to it? Beth will share some basic ways to access your body intelligence, how not to let it throw you off your game, and how to use it to help your clients at an even deeper level.

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on June 11, 2015 with Doug Gfeller, MCC and Beth Raps, Ph.D.

Resource: http://www.raisingclarity.com

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The number one issue in the business and coaching world today is Time Management. Listen as we explore the myths behind the old solutions to this long term issue. We will also look at the new thinking and research that is helping to redefine the real problem and providing some solutions that will help us all become more effective with the time we have available. This is part 1 or 2 parts on Time Management. In this first part we explore how to be more efficient with your time and how to set priorities. 

Recorded live on OCTalkRadio.net on June 4, 2015 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show.


 "The Power of Focus" by Jack Canfield

 "Procrastinate On Purpose" by Rory Vaden

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