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Too often, we feel that we're stuck in a rut, that we're not living our dreams, and we're unfulfilled. Personal productivity wizard — Scott Grossberg — will tell you how you can be and do anything you want. If you've ever been afraid of living an insignificant life and you're excited by personal growth and new knowledge, then we guarantee this show is for you. Scott outlines his five steps to his Thinking Magically System and also gives us some insight on his favorite Apple technology and IOS 8.

Recorded live with Scott Grossberg and Doug Gfeller on OCTalkRadio.net on September 18, 2014

Resources: www.thinkingmagically.com  

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“What You Need to Know About Listening” with Jon White, Executive Coach and Author. We are born with the ability to hear, but we have to learn how to listen. The problem is, what we often learn is wrong and we carry those bad habits though the rest of our lives. Jon will share what he and co-author Alexandra Taketa are trying to accomplish with the Leadership Edition of their new book What You Don't Know About Listening (Could Fill a Book).

Recorded live on September 11, 2014 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on OCTalkRadio.net. 

Resource: http://whatyoudontknowaboutlistening.com

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“Put Your Coaching On Ice” with Merry Neitlich of The Coaches Edge. Merry, a four time Adult US Figure Skating Champion, shares her story of how she became a trainer of elite figure skating coaches from her Extreme Marketing business development  consulting business. Listen in as Merry talks about the similarities between training elite coaches and senior executives to transfer their skills.

Recorded live on September 4, 2014 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on OCTalkRadio.net. 

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