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Join us as we talk with Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr about how her research for her book, A CEO's Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success, led her to founding CEO Virtual Roundtables. Find out what were the 5 key challenges CEOs talked about and what was their Secret Weapon to accelerate success.

As a CEO coach, mentor, advisor and confidante, and inspired by Simon Sinek, Frumi guides leaders and teams to reach clarity of WHY, discipline of HOW they do what they do and consistency of WHAT they do to execute and make their WHY come alive. by taking inspired action.The result is sustainable, profitable organizations where everyone is motivated by their own fulfillment. 

You can learn more about her on LinkedIn by going to: http://www.linkedin.com/in/frumirachelbarr

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"Improving Workplace Relationships" Listen in as Doug talks with Anita Goldin, SPHR, ACC about Workplace Relationships. She calls her process Relationship Repair. It’s all about improving workplace relationships through a combination of coaching, mediation and the use of assessment tools to build self-awareness and to understand others. You can learn more about Anita and her system on www.goldinleadership.com

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"Coaching using Google’s 10x Gain and Moonshot System" Are you and your clients settling for just 10% improvements in your coaching and problem solving? How would you like to see a 10x improvement in results? Listen as we discuss how you might apply Google’s “Moonshot” philosophy to your coaching and to your clients issues. Learn how to use the same approach that Google uses for solving technology challenges.

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 Join us for a look at the many different ways to sell your professional services. Is there a right or wrong way? Is there a silver bullet or a secret sauce that will make you instantly successful? Listen to hear some of the unique ways that are used to sell coaching services.What we are going to talk about is the many ways in which people sell and how you can find the one that is just perfect for you. One that showcases the authentic and unique you!

We will look at the selling process from a chronological point of view:

  1. You need to know what you are selling
  2. Who are you going to sell it to
  3. Where will you find these prospects
  4. How will you approach prospects
  5. What is the sales pitch
  6. What is your follow up

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