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Archive for July 2013

The Secret of Job Contentment is not getting what you want, but redefining what you need. Listen in as we talk about how to not only experience job contentment yourself, but also how to coach your clients to achieve job contentment by understanding their purpose in life. We will explore how achieving contentment is impossible without understanding the distinction between life purpose and goals.

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"Coaching Tips - Mechanics and Mysteries" Listen in as Doug Gfeller, MCC talks about coaching tips for both the coach and the clients. He will share some mechanical tips that will make coaching easier for the coach and also some tips for the client to help get even more out of each coaching session. Some of the mysteries of coaching will be explored to see how we can consciously use them with our clients.

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Listen in as we talk about coaching the CEO/Owner. One of the most common issues that CEO/Owners have, who have been in that posting for an extended time, is unhappiness with their job. They love the business but have created a job description that is not what they want to spend their time doing and does not match their true talents.

Listen to Doug Gfeller MCC as he shares his experiences on this issue.

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