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“Coaching Teens.” with Michael Stratford; Speaker, Author, and Board Certified Master Coach. Known as “The Provocateur of Transformation.” Michael is a champion of uniqueness. It’s been said he’s a blend of Robin Williams and the Dalai Lama. That doesn’t include the business savvy, range and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs, which gives him a unique perspective on employee engagement. As a presenter, he speaks from that experience, and the mastery born of 2 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 500 company execs and their teams. Michael has also trained over 6,000 coaches and authored 4 books on coaching. In the field of Executive Coaching he has earned a reputation for helping others achieve a level of excellence in communication, leadership, and team performance. But I did not know until recently that he also works with teens and that is what we are talking about today.

“Rita's Review” Rita Conley of HR Alternatives appears on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show every month to bring you a summary of that month's ICF/OC meeting. Today she is going to review for you the February 13 ICF-OC - How to Build a Lucrative and Lifestyle Friendly Coaching Business with Ted McGrath.

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“Productivity Tips For Busy Coach’s and Executives.” Join Doug Gfeller, MCC as he shares with you some of his best time saver and productivity tips that he has learned over the years. Learn how these daily tricks can not only help you be more productive but how they can also open the door for coaching some of your clients key issues. Need to know some new apps to use on your phone or tablet, then listen in.

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“Are You Committed To Succeed or To Just Survive?” Join Doug Gfeller, MCC as he explores the issue of commitment and it’s relationship to accountability. Are accountability and commitment two sides of the same coin? Find out how to not only coach your clients to increase their commitment levels but how to increase your own level of commitment to the really important things in your life.

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Rita’s Review

“Rita's Review” Introducing Rita Conley,SPHR of HR Alternatives.

Rita will appear on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show every month to bring you a summary of that month's ICF/OC meeting. Get to know Rita on this show and learn about her path to becoming an HR professional and her role with HR Alternatives and how they help their clients big and small.

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