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“Lights, Camera, Communication!” Join us for our last show of the year as we talk with Robin McNatt of StyleLaughter about how laughter can improve communications and build better communities. Robin is a modern day writer, speaker, actor, director and organizational development leader.  Her sharp, acerbic style combined with her compassion for others makes her very memorable. She is the founder of StyleLaughter, and has trained with both the Founder of the LA Groundlings, Gary Austin, and with Cherie Kerr, Founder of the O.C. Crazies. She has often described herself as an anal-retentive spontaneous person.

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“Business Partnerships In Trouble - How To Save Them.” There are good partnerships and there are bad partnerships but what we never talk about are those that were good but are now in trouble. What are some of the steps you   could have taken to avoid this problem and what can you do now to save the partnership? Join Doug Gfeller, MCC as he shares what he has learned from his 18 years of coaching business leaders and his own experiences with partnerships.

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"Coaching Business Models for 2013 and Beyond" - Doug Gfeller, MCC. Join Doug as he discusses the existing business models for coaching and explores how they might change in the future. If you are working on or even just thinking of doing your business plan for next year this discussion will give you new ideas to help make 2013 both more profitable and more productive.

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