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Listen to author and coach Joan Friedlander talk to Doug about her new book Business From Bed. Business From Bed shares many inspiring stories of people with health issues finding creative ways to reinvent their work persona. But it goes much further then just sharing stories. Joan has laid out a step by step plan on how to set up a business that deals with your particular health issues. This book is not just for those with health issues but is equally valuable for anyone who is faced with a major change in their career. Great coaching Joan!

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How many times have you been fascinated by a good story? Think about this for a minute, because it may be more often than you think. How many times have you stayed up late reading a novel that you "couldn't" put down, or watching a movie that you couldn't turn off? How many times have you pushed yourself harder after hearing the story of someone else's success, or changed your opinion after reading a convincing article in a magazine or newspaper?

There's no doubt that stories can change the way we think, act, and feel. Leaders, especially, can use the power of a good story to influence and motivate their teams to new heights. Stories can inspire everything from understanding to action. They can create legends that an entire workplace culture can build upon, and they have the power to break down barriers and turn a bad situation into a good one.

Listen to Doug discuss storytelling and share some of the insights from Peter Guber's book "Tell To Win"

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Kathi Guiney, SPHR, GPHR and president of YES!, is an experienced Human Resources executive with a unique and successful track record. Listen to Doug and Kathi as they explore the use of The Stay Interview. So what is a stay interview? In a stay interview you learn the unique reasons why employees continue to choose the company as their employer and how to create career plans that enhance the likelihood of retaining employees. This is not an exit interview but is a valuable retention tool that we all should be using on a regular basis.

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