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If you don’t know where you are, is it possible to get to where you want to go? We talk a lot these days about virtual reality, meaning a computer-simulated environment that simulates a physical presence. But how focused is your coaching on exploring the client’s perception of reality around the issue you are coaching? Is the issue real or virtual and does it even make a difference? Listen in as Doug Gfeller shares this week’s coaching tips about dealing with reality and mirroring the client’s perceptions.

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What do you do with your favorite quotes? Listen in as Doug Gfeller talks with Barry Demp about what he has created from his love of collecting quotes. We will also be talking about how Barry customizes his coaching programs for the variety of client groups that he coaches and why he gives away so much material.

Barry has coached more than 1000 individuals, worked with 100’s of companies and trained 60 coaches. In 1999 he became the first International Coach Federation, Master Certified Coach in Michigan. Barry says, “Coaching is who I am, not just what I do for a living”. He spends his time helping individuals and organizations master the leadership, management, communication, and coaching skills needed in today’s competitive and rapidly changing world. Barry has over 29 years of sales and business development experience, including sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 company.

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Most coaches love to coach but hate to sell. So we try to trick ourselves by saying we are serving or solving problems; anything but selling. How would you like to have a full coaching practice and never have to do any selling again? Listen in as Doug Gfeller talks with Jay McDowell about his business model at Action Coach, which promises to do just that for you.

Jay started his coaching business more than 6 years ago and has become one of the top coaches in Southern California by delivering proven results in every aspect of running a business …including revenue & profit growth, cost management, advertising, and building high performing teams.

He brings 30 years of “Corporate America” experience, which he combines with his passion for coaching people.

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Join Doug as he talks with Mike Rafati about the new coaching community that he is creating at www.incrediblecoach.com

The Incrediblecoach provides the opportunity to connect with service professionals and solo entrepreneurs effortlessly. You can expand your marketing reach and improve your visibility by sharing your information and promoting your events to the people who are looking for your services. Mike will coach you to clarify your thoughts, design and promote your offerings, and support you with marketing information, services, tools, and resources you need to create and/or expand your business.

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